High-Range Tests

World IQ Competition

The '18 World IQ Competition begins August 1st and ends December 31st. The winner will be announced on January 1st. Any individual can enter if they meet the following requirements:

1. You can submit any IQ test that has been normed(provide the link to the norm).
2. The IQ test result must have your name printed on it.
3. The IQ test result must have the author's signature on it.
4. The score must be at least 130 sd.15, 132 sd.16, or 148 sd.24.
Admissions price: free

You can submit your test certificate or score report to info@randymyers.me

The winner will be listed on this website, and all of my other social media accounts.
The winner will also get an award.

You can vote by sending an email titled "World IQ Competition Vote" to info@randymyers.me


Tor Arne Jorgensen - LexIQ - 172IQ
Greg Grove - Asterix - 143IQ
Konstantinos Ntalachanis - Alienator - 185IQ