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Hi! My name is Randy Myers. Welcome to my website. I am an author, entrepreneur, test designer, and web designer. I am 34 and currently living in the United States. I have trained in three martial arts styles: Isshinryu, Shotokan, and Taekwondo(Oh Do Kwan). I have traveled to Manhattan and China.

My tests are highly-reputable and are accepted by many high IQ societies. Click 'Societies' in the menu for more info.

I have been a programmer for a few years. I used many online resources to learn this skill. I have even built a dating website. That task took me roughly 7 months to complete. The stress was out of this world. I recently launched a YouTube channel and Twitter page. I have more than 1,000 followers on Twitter, and it took me a week and a half to get that many. If you like chess, then you may want to join my Chess.com club.

If you would like to try my valid tests, you can click the appropriate link. Advanced Intelligence Test, Callidus Spatial Test, THINK IQ Test, ICON Test, and Strict Verbal Test.

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Post update : 8/9/17
Author : Randy Myers

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Rules: 1. You must submit to me at least 1 professional IQ test. 2. It must be normed. 3. You must have a minimum score of 120IQ sd.15, and there is no maximum score. 4. You can only get free scoring on tests that correlate with my posted test. Example: If you submit a verbal test that you have taken elsewhere, you can only get free scoring on one of my new verbal tests.
Perks: 1. You will get free scoring on the first 2 attempts of any of my new tests that are up for norming.
You can become a beta-tester by emailing your request to info@randymyers.me with the subject title 'Beta-Tester Applicant'.
  • Advanced Intelligence Test Certificate
  • Callidus Spatial Test Certificate
  • THINK IQ Test
  • ICON Test Certificate
  • Strict Verbal Test Certificate